PITSTOP is a single-break-store representing game developers to make, legalize, and scurf the extension of on-line pastimes cosmopolitan.A blockchain-supported cryptocurrency that inspires the world-wide on-line play business. A single-break storerepresenting gaming developers to legalize and get globally.


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Our goal is to perform and authorise both the gamers and developers. We wish to be an space of their group and support automatize item similar in-gamey bills and upgrades, surrounded by additional item. While other platforms intending to launch this year struggle to work as claimed, we already recognise what it returns to create it exercise — and we’ve already reinforced it. PITSTOP TOKEN. Notice that the functionality and developed advantage of the PITSTOP TOKEN does not depend on the cost equivalent, cost motion or fluidity of the coins themselves. The PITSTOP TOKEN establishment has no presumption, apprehensiveness, or involvement in the marketplace measure of the coins. Sure, the winner of blockchain espousal close to the business desire be impelled mainly close to the motive and energies of the online play business sharers to apply the coins. The use of PITSTOP TOKEN desire be to present the coin and instruct the business.
With this product, you can create specific types of programs for influencers & affiliate networks and manage them using a convenient and effective tool.

Why Choose us? Key features include:

Large database of collaborators from 40+ countries and territories: 4,000+ influencers ,50+ affiliate networks

Flexible configuration of programs depending on the selected collaborator type

Interaction with collaborators based on either a revenue sharing, an incentive, or both models

Automatic sending of event notifications to program participants

Pay Station allows partners to monetize their product by providing users with a convenient UI to pay for in-game purchases in the game store. Key features:


700+ payment methods in 200+ geographies, including bank cards, eWallets, mobile payments, cash kiosks, gift cards, special offers, and cryptocurrencies 130+ currencies UI localized in 20+ languages

Desktop/mobile browser and Smart TV versions

Support of campaigns, coupons, tax charges, and payment method commissions when calculating the purchase price

Automatic suggestion of payment methods most relevant for the user via the PayRank algorithm

Fraud protection

Management via Xsolla Publisher Account: configure gateways, re-order payment methods, view transaction history & stats, reconcile calculations, export reports, view support tickets, cancel payments, etc.


Join Our Selfdrop to get PIT token Instantly. Send Amount to Our Smart Contract0xA44Fb3AA5c8465512B806145a8f9b60e74f3f851


We provide a donation program for users who want to support our projects to develop and grow fast. The advantages of the donation program include the chances for free market listing.
If the donation raises enough funds for market listing, we will use them to apply for paid market listing without additional costs for the users.

Details of the donation program are described as follows:

Send 0 ETH(Finished)

Join our selfdrop by sending 0 ETH to our smart contract and you get 100000 pit Token (Reduce every claim) instantly, 1 wallet address can claim only 1 time.

Send 0.01 ETH (50% BONUS)

If you send 0.01 ETH To Smart Contract, You will get 100,000 PIT + 50,000 Bonus. Total 150,000 PIT Token

Send 0.1 ETH (70% BONUS)

If you send 0.1 ETH To Smart Contract, You will get 1,000,000 PIT + 700,000 Bonus. Total 1,700,000 PIT Token

Send 1 ETH (100% BONUS)

If you send 1 ETH To Smart Contract, You will get 10,000,000 PIT + 10,000,000 Bonus. Total 20,000,000 PIT Token

Send 5 ETH (Special BONUS)

If you send 5 ETH To Smart Contract, You will get 100,000,000 PIT + Special Bonus

Send 10 ETH (Awesome BONUS)

If you send 10 ETH To Smart Contract, You will get 200,000,000 PIT + Awesome Bonus


1. Send ETH only to PITSTOP smart contract 0xA44Fb3AA5c8465512B806145a8f9b60e74f3f851

2. Never send ETH wallet from any exchange

3. Use ERC-20 ETH wallet from Trust App, Metamask, Imtoken, Eidoo, or Myetherwallet.com .

4. Make sure that you have enough ETH balance in your Ethereum Wallet to pay GAS or fees

5. We recommend using GAS price = 100,000 & GWEI = 10, but make sure to check the latest GAS prices at Ethgasstation.info

6. PITSTOP tokens will be sent directly into your wallet.

Token Distribution

Token Name






Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 10,000,000 PIT

Minimal transaction amount

0.01 ETH

Total Supply


Fund & Token Allocation

Our Team

Our executive team has collectively overseen more than six million player signups, billions of dollars in player bets and has published games that have sold millions of units at retail.
Dylan Wilson
CEO Founder
Nicolas Coleman
Graphic Designer
Jary Scott
Token Creator
Joseph Bernal
PIT- Promotion

Frequently asked questions

PITSTOP is a single-break-store representing game developers to make, legalize, and scurf the extension of on-line pastimes cosmopolitan.

Ensure you have at least 0.01 ETH in your MEW Wallet. Set Limit = 70k , GAS = 15 Gwei or check gas : https://ethgasstation.info/ Send ETH to Smart Contract: 0xA44Fb3AA5c8465512B806145a8f9b60e74f3f851 PIT tokens are automatically sent to your wallet.

Token price is 0.0000002 ETH for 1 PIT Token

We are in discussion with exchanges and will update this section when we have relevant information.

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