Bayes Esports & BETER Prolong their Strategic Partnership’s Contractual Agreement

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On Thursday, September 8th, 2022 two of the industry leading e – sports and gaming technology providers in BETER and Bayes Esports have announced that they are prolonging their strategic partnership agreement with one another.


BETER has recently become one of world’s largest suppliers of state – of – the – art sports betting products and services as well as overall gaming providers, and they have easily decided to extend their closely calculated and strong partnership with Bayes Esports. Bayes Esports are well – known now as the global foremost offerer of their proprietary e – sports live data.

This up – to – the – minute exciting and well – executed pronouncement demonstrates how BETER will resume to provide the very most vigorous e – sports products and services to their customer base, and this will continue to facilitate the technology company building on and expanding their extremely well – regarded reputation for supplying the utmost comprehensive as well as progressive international e – sports offerings.

This extended partnership will serve to not only empower BETER to supply incredibly reliable and accurate odds, but the ongoing relationship between these two organizations will also drastically increase and improve the uptime as it strives to administer the integrity of the risks in a more efficient manner.

Media Statements

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The general manager of BETER Esports, Evgeniy Bekker, expressed, “We are thrilled to have extended our partnership with Bayes Esports and it forms an important part of our overall global strategy for e – sports leadership.Our team looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”

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 “We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive e – sports solution in the industry, working with some of the biggest operators in the world and this collaboration cements our position as the leading e – sports provider in the market.”

The CEO and managing director of Bayes Esports, Martin Dachselt, said in regards to the extended partnership with BETER, “Partnering with companies such as BETER, that have the same vision of providing the best betting experience possible, whilst maintaining the highest possible standards, will only help to create a credible and trusted industry.

 “It has been partnerships such as this, built around official live data, that have actively contributed to the development of e – sports as a whole and we are delighted to continue our partnership with BETER.”

Bayes Esports Partnership Program

In addition, BETER is an intricate segment of the Bayes Esports Partnership Program which just so happens to be a huge worldwide network that is continuing to push forward towards determining the rules and solutions of the industry by setting the overall standards within the e – sports market in order to guarantee the long – term integrity of this ever – expanding arena.

The Bayes Esports Partnership Program provides a strong network that generates a great opportunity for companies including BETER to collaborate on the progression of the tools that lead to safeguarding the dependability and consistency of the e – sports competitive landscape as well as the legality of the e – sports betting products and services that all work together in order to provide a much higher sustainability of the future of the e – sports industry.

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