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It’s 2021 and you still haven’t tried trading. It’s time to change that with Olymp Trade .

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Why Trade with Olymp Trade?

Easy to Start

A $10 deposit is all you need to get started. No huge investments are required and trades start at just $1.


The trading platform is available 24/7 on all devices - PC, mobile phone or tablet. That means you can trade whenever and wherever you want.


A successful trade can bring you 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade more than a 100% return on your investment in only a short time.

Start on the Best Terms

New to Trading? No Problem!

Olymp Trade supports new 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade traders in every step of their journey. Here are just a few things that will help you as you get started:

Intuitive Interface

You’ll find the platform extremely user-friendly and understandable.

Tutorials and Webinars

You’ll be trading confidently in 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade no time with these free materials.

Practice Account

Take advantage of the $10,000 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade in virtual funds in your risk-free Demo Account.

Ready-to-go Strategies

Pick one of the many tried and tested trading strategies we provide free to clients.

Convenient 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade Access to Your Earnings

Use one of our trusted payment systems or online banking. No limits. No Fees. No holdbacks.

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Shikhar Dhawan

It is really happening — Shikhar Dhawan is our official partner now! Light up your trading 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade with the joyful energy of the star batsman.

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如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade

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Если ты уже успешный или только начинающий блогер


Если ты эксперт в трейдинге и обучаешь этому других offline или online


Если ты работаешь с любыми видами покупного трафика

Мы мыслим дальше финансовой выгоды.
Наша цель — создать и поддерживать максимально комфортные условия для каждого партнера.

如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade

Индикатор Average Directional Index

Как правило, большинство существующих трендовых индикаторов располагаются непосредственно на самом ценовом графике. Однако, из всех правил есть исключение. Одним из таких редких инструментов стал Average Directional Index (ADX), более напоминающий осциллятор.

Всё что нужно знать о стратегиях для Fixed Time Trades

Специально для вас мы отобрали лучшие базовые системы, которые познакомят вас с методиками анализа цены актива, помогут совершить первые успешные сделки уже сегодня, а также познакомят вас с одним из самых прибыльных инструментов — Fixed Time Trades.

Инструмент «Уровни Фибоначчи» в терминале от Olymp Trade

«Уровни Фибоначчи» являются универсальным инструментом, позволяющим определять окончание коррекции и находить идеальные точки для покупки краткосрочных контрактов.

Стратегия «Третья волна Элиотта»

Стратегия, основанная на теории Элиотта, позволит вам значительно увеличить свою прибыль от торговли на рынке бинарных опционов.

Индикатор Donchian Channel

Donchian Channel – один из самых старых, но в то же время эффективных, трендовых индикаторов, который по сей день пользуется большой популярностью у трейдеров.

MT4 – Account Types 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade Available On Olymp Trade

Olymptrade mt4 platform

Olymptrade mt4 platform

To gain profit on one of the large and reputable Olymp Trade brokerage services, you can use different types of accounts. Today, in addition to convenient desktop and both smqartphone and tablet applications, users can also use the MT4 platform.

Find out what account types exist at Olymp Trade today, what privileges and advantages each of them gives, as well as which one should you choose in your circumstances.

Demo Account At Olymp Trade

Demo, that is, Demonstration Account is a type that 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade helps new users of the system see how the platform works and allows to discover how to use many of its functions and capabilities. Iт case you do not have enough experience and are afraid of incurring losses at the very beginning, then simply by registering you can use a simulator that will help you understand the intricacies of trading, understand the price 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade movement charts and the peculiarities of opening positions.

You can apply a demo account for learning as long as you like in order to have time to properly find out and understand how to act for successful trading. In this case, you can get 10,000 trainer units again if 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade the demo balance drops below 5,000.

In the process of learning on a demo account, you will gain experience practically no different from what you will have when trading with real funds. You will be able to try out any strategies before you start risking your money.

How Can I Open a Demo Account?

You need only create login and password on the trading service. You can register an account at any time using any of the world languages available on Olymp Trade.

Also, by visiting the website www.metatrader.olymptrade.com you can register a MetaTrader 4 account or simply use your existing account. Log in with your username and password, 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade without the need to create new ones.

Differences Between Account Options at Olymp Trade

The time has its frame when using the Forex mode, so the trader will have only weekly time limit, while in the fixed time mode in general, both Demo and Real accounts look the same. This allows beginners and not only them to test different strategies using small amounts of their real money.

What Types of Accounts Can I Use at Olymp Trade For MetaTrader 4?

Users can use Standard and ECN accounts in both demo and real modes. You can pay a spread of at least 1.1 points using a Standard account, while opening an order there is no need to pay a fee. The ECN account allows you to trade with a fixed charge with a spread equal to zero.

It is worth using the demo versions of both types of accounts to understand the essence of both methods. We also recommend trying various trading options with overnight hold replacement using the function without SWAP.

Open MetaTrader 4 Accounts

When you have registered on the www.metatrader.olymptrade.com website or logged in 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade with your existing username and password, you can create one of the proposed MetaTrader 4 account options, both a demo version and a real one, and then select the Standard type or ECN.

Using this data, you can 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade log into both the MetaTrader 4 web application and the mobile application. You can change the password for your MT 4 account at your convenience by going to your personal account and selecting the settings.

Open MetaTrader 4 Accounts on Olymptrade

Open MetaTrader 4 Accounts on Olymptrade

So, starting with the demo account of the chosen option, you can safely start learning and developing as a trader. Your funds 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade 如何使用头和肩膀图案打开头寸 Olymp Trade will initially be protected from beginner mistakes while you improve your trading skills.