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USB-IF Compliance Workshop #127

Registration for the 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 USB-IF Compliance Workshop which will be held August 9-12, 2022 is now open! We encourage early registration as space is limited.

USB-IF Annual Membership Meeting

Registration is now open for the USB-IF Annual Membership Meeting which will take place Wednesday, August 10, 2022. More information can be found on the events page.

Instant, No Hassle Connections

Universal Serial Bus (USB) connects more than computers and peripherals. It has 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 the power to connect you with a whole new world of device experiences.


提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商
最高杠杆 888倍 最小交易手数 标准账户0.01手 微型手0.0001手
最小出金金额 5.00美金 最少入金金额 500人民币
监管机构 英国金融行为监管局 、 澳洲证券投资委员会 、 塞浦路斯证监会 总部地址 塞浦路斯
成立时间 2009年 交易品种 外汇 CFD 指数 贵金属 能源
交易平台类型 MT4 账户类型 标准账户 , 微型账户 , 零点账户 , 超低点差账户标准微型账户
剥头皮 支持 对冲 支持
EA 支持 高频刷单 支持
持仓时间限制 限制 爆仓比例 20%
最高持仓量 200手 单笔最大下单 标准账户50手 微型账户100手
出金方式 银联 电汇 Skrill 入金方式 银联 Skrill
出金时间 1-2个工作日 入金时间 即时到账,可人民币入金
出金手续费 免费 入金手续费 免费
是否支持人民币出入金 出金:支持,入金:支持 是否能开子代理 支持

XM 是 Trading Point金融集团 旗下注册商标,是管辖下的金融服务提供者,我们提供全球金融市场的在线交易。

5* 10 * 20 = 1000 $ = 6900 RMB /月

等于3次三亚! 2次 巴厘岛! 1次欧洲游!

20 *30 * 20 * 20天 = 240000 $ = 1656000 RMB /月 1年 ≈ 2000万 RMB

返佣流程 申请返佣


緯度経度を Geocoding などの Web サービスで求めると、0.00001度(小数点以下6桁)精度で値を返してくれます。0.00001度というのは1マイクロ度(1μ°)。さて、この一番下位の桁が1ずれる(1μ°ずれる)と、距離にしてどれくらいずれるのでしょうか?という素朴な疑問が生じました。
@riocampos が普段生活しているのは北緯35度(島根県浜田市から千葉県館山市を結ぶ線上)付近。なのでこの辺りでの1マイクロ度当たりの距離を求めれば良いのです。


国土地理院が測量計算(距離と方位角の計算)という Web サービスを提供してくれています、ありがたいですね。ここで1マイクロ度ずらした緯度経度を入力して、距離を算出させてみます。


緯度経度の差 距離
緯度1μ° 0.111m
緯度10μ° 1.109m
緯度100μ° 11.094m
経度1μ° 0.091m
経度10μ° 0.913m
経度100μ° 9.提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 129m

よって、Web サービスで求めた緯度経度で、一番下位の桁(小数点以下6桁)ぐらいずれても大したことないのですね。


1m は地球の1周の長さを基準にして決められた、ということをご存じの方もおられるでしょう。より正しく言えば「子午線に沿った地球1/4周(赤道(北緯/南緯0度)から極点(北緯/南緯90度)まで)の長さを『1万km』となるように1mを決めた」わけです*1。ということは、1万kmが緯度の90度に相当するわけですね。
よって1度は1万km/90≒111km、すなわち111000m、さらに書き換えると0.111×10 6 mぐらいになります。
1マイクロ度というのは1×10 -6 度です。よって距離としては(0.111×10 6 ×1×10 -6 )m、階乗部分が打ち消しあいますので 0.111m になります。上で求めた値とほぼ合致しますね!

Tight Tolerance to .0001 Inches Electrical Discharge 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 Machining (EDM) Suppliers

AS9100 D, & ISO 9001-2015 Certified and ITAR Registered. Sub safe and Space Qualified. CNC & Wire EDM machining services. 2D, 3D and 5-axis CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, CNC Wire EDM services, CNC lathe 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 work, welding, sawing, cutting and surface grinding services are available. Materials handled include aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals and polymers. Precision machined parts can be fabricated 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 quickly and efficiently. Manufacturer of products including standard and custom aluminum vise jaws, alum rear jaws, segmentable alum front 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 jaws, straight rectangular CNC soft jaws, L-shaped soft jaws, CNC tool holder caddies, collet caddies, collet holders and tool 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 holders. Markets served include aerospace, commercial, medical and electronics.提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商


Laser cutting services.

FTM Engineering Group, Inc.

Precision CNC EDM services with tight tolerance up to .0001 inches. Capable of machining parts up to 19.8 in. L x 13.8 in. W x 11.8 in. H sizes and down to 0.015 in. hole dia. Aluminum, copper, alloy steel, Inconel®, titanium, carbide and stainless steel are worked. Capabilities include on-site emergency or contract evaluation, diagnosis, refurbishing, cutting, grinding, preventative maintenance, injection molding, manufacturing, mold design and repair, milling, polishing and welding. Coating and plating services are also available. Automotive, electronics, medical, energy and resources industries served. ISO compliant.


Thompson Machining Service, Inc.

3-axis sinker, hole popper, ram and wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) services. Works with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze alloy, exotic alloy, carbide, copper, iron, tin, titanium, zinc and Inconel®. Capable of machining parts up to 32 in. length, 16 in. width and 12 in. thickness with +/-0.0001 in. tolerance. Capabilities include CNC routing, progressive die and transfer stamping, milling, waterjet cutting, turning, drilling, TIG and MIG welding, surface grinding and prototyping. 3D printing, consulting, engineering and designing services are also provided. Prototype and low volume production runs available. Serves the aerospace, automotive, construction, general consumer goods, electronics, food, medical, packaging, HVAC, robotics and transportation industries.


Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Precision wire EDM services with +/- .0001 in. tight tolerance. Capable of machining parts with up to 12 in. length, 10 in. width, and 8 in. height dimensions. Materials worked with include aluminum, stainless, steel, exotic and precious metals, plastic polymers and other materials. Provides prototypes and low to high volume production runs. Lead times are 2 to 3 weeks for prototypes and 4 to 6 weeks for production runs. Emergency and rush services are available. Industries served include aircraft and aerospace, medical, commercial, computer, and military. Secondary processes such as grinding, honing, heat treating, conversion coating, and anodizing are also provided. ISO 13485:2003 compliant


Bradford Tool & Die Co.

Four axis CNC wire electrical discharge machining services for aerospace, automotive, military, chemical and food processing industries. Works with alloy steel, aluminum, carbide, carbon steel, copper, magnesium, nickel, stainless steel, titanium and superalloys. Specifications include up to 25.6 x 14.4 x 11 in. part size, 0.008 in. minimum internal radius, 11 in. maximum material thickness and +/- 0.0002 in. tolerances. Features include carbide punches, 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 dies, cavities, blades and ejector pins. Additional services include surface grinding, CAD, CAM and reverse engineering. Suitable for small, large and complex parts. Prototypes and low to high volume production runs offered. Blanket orders also accepted.


Service Company*, Custom Manufacturer

Supplier of precision wire, Ram and hole drilling EDM 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 services for aluminum, steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 steel, high strength steel, stainless steel and composite. Other capabilities include cutting, fabrication, TIG, MIG, grid and spot welding, forming, tube bending, CNC rolling, punching and powder coating. Additional services such as assembly, drilling, tapping, threading, broaching, pressing, milling, reaming, plating, passivating, centerless grinding, heat treating, annealing 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 and powder coat painting offered. Prototype and low to high volume production runs. Serves the aerospace, architecture, automotive, transportation, mining and medical device industries. Blanket orders, AutoCAD and SolidWorks® 提供黄金微型和纳米合约(0.0001手)交易的外汇经纪商 files accepted. Lean manufacturing capable. Meets Mil-Spec, ANSI, AS, ASME, ASTM, AWS, SAE, QS and TS standards. Nadcap certified.